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AER secures resilient link back-up between Europe and Asia-Pacific

Eight research and education network organisations, comprising the CAE-1 Consortium members (AARNet, GÉANT, NORDUnet, SingAREN, SURF and TEIN*CC) plus their Japanese partners (NICT and NII) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at APAN48 in Malaysia, to create the Asia-Pacific-Europe Ring (AER) intended to provide mutual a 100Gbps link back-up between the two regions.

Joining forces with our Japanese partners to secure mutual back-up complements and enhances the CAE-1 endeavour. GÉANT welcomes this step as it significantly improves the connectivity between the Asia-Pacific region and Europe, facilitating new collaborative research between these regions.

Erik Huizer, CEO GÉANT

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