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Welcome to the home of the CONNECT Community News.

The CONNECT community newsletter is known as a source of quality information about the research and education networking community. To help maintain this reputation, we ask you to follow the following simple guidelines for posting news items:

Inputting text

  • Only upload news that you think will be relevant / of interest to an international audience.
  • If you wish to announce that a new edition of your newsletter is available, please provide text about the top one or two stories that are of international interest. If your newsletter is not of international interest, please do not announce it on CONNECT.
  • The “URL” field should contain a link to the full article target page on your site.
  • The “Your Name” field should be the author of the original article*
  • All news headlines and teaser texts must be in English. If your original article is in another language, please mention at the bottom of your abstract, e.g. “More in French”.
  • Keep your headline to 8-10 words maximum.
  • Limit the amount of text in the abstract box to roughly 150 words.
  • Do not post the full news item – please link to the full story on your own institution’s website and enter this in the “URL” field. Do not link to password-protected webpages, as CONNECT should be public and open.
  • The CONNECT submission system allows for large  images to illustrate articles. Images should be at least 1000 pixels wide and related to the article being linked to. Please note that company or project logos will also need to be added as they are not currently available by default.

*Please note: if you are logged into the website then the “Your Name” field is pre-populated and hidden. If you wish to post an article on behalf of another author then please log out of the site before submitting a post to CONNECT.   Log in here

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