The Future Talent Programme through the eyes of its participants (short video)

Picture: Enrico Pietrocola, Pierre van Houtryve, Era Adjaraga, Agnese Sbrollini

The Future Talent Programme (FTP) opens its doors to bright students and invites them to take part in the FTP Lightning Talk Challenge at TNC20, 8-12 June, Brighton, UK. This programme prepares professionals to promote and make an impact with a research idea or project to an audience. After intensive training participating students are given the opportunity to submit their proposals to the TNC Programme Committee. If selected, they will come to TNC20 to deliver a Lightning Talk on stage. GLAD has successfully been running this programme with numerous NRENs and many of their university students. Not only this has been an incredible professional development experience for all candidates – who often had never heard of GÉANT – but above all it has left them with amazing and positive memories of GÉANT and TNC. The programme is open to students working on computer networking or any other technology-related topics. Candidates must be put forward by a GÉANT project partner. GÉANT partners are invited and encouraged to reach out to their communities and nominate talent for FTP.

Learn directly from the FTP participants at TNC19 what it meant to be part of this unique and exciting programme.

Enjoy our short video.

For more information visit FTP Lightning Talk Challenge info pages or contact directly.


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