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The GÉANT Community pays tribute to Dr. Lajos Bálint

The GÉANT Community is extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Lajos Bálint.

Lajos was a much loved, highly respected and greatly admired member of the community, indeed he was someone who truly embodied the word – being the voice of moderation, of putting the community first, of standing together and working through challenges. That he did this with a warm smile and such eloquent use of the English language only served to add to his infectious character.

Most recently a Consultant for the Hungarian Governmental Informatics Development Agency (KIFÜ), Lajos was also heavily involved in a vast range of projects and initiatives to further the benefits of international research and education networking and collaboration.

He will be sorely missed, and our thoughts are with his family and colleagues at this difficult time.

“This is terribly sad news to us all. Lajos was enormously respected, immensely knowledgeable and truly wise; his attitude and passion made him a great advocate for European collaboration. The NREN community will miss Lajos deeply, and none of us will forget the pleasure and privilege it has been to discuss and work with him. Our condolences to our colleagues at KIFÜ, and most especially to Lajos’ family.” – Chair of the GÉANT Board Christian Grimm.

“Lajos was convinced of the strength of the community: that NRENs working together can achieve much, much more than any individual NREN could ever do, and it was this goal to which he contributed. He participated in various community projects, related EC committees and governance structures to make this happen. Always well informed and always contributing with a well-argued position. Through these actions he was an important driver for the Hungarian NREN, but also for the growth of the European NRENs and GÉANT. The GÉANT community has lost a very important key figure. We will miss him deeply.” – GÉANT CEO Erik Huizer.

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