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The DDoS Mitigation Workshop for the GÉANT Community

DDoS Mitigation Workshop for the GÉANT Community – 18-19 May, Vienna, Austria

We are pleased to announce that a workshop on DDoS Mitigation, the first of a series of security workshops planned in 2020, will take place on 18-19 May in Vienna, Austria. The main objective of this event is to give NRENs the opportunity to talk about their DDoS experience and situation, including tooling, related network topology and current challenges.

The workshop will comprise updates from DDoS-related tasks within GÉANT, such as an overview of the current state of the NeMo-DDoS & Firewall on Demand (FoD) software and updates on the planned GÉANT network set-up. The programme will also include presentations and discussions on activities such as the DDoS-Clearinghouse from within the Concordia project.  In addition, the schedule will allocate a section of the programme to showcase the different DDoS situations and toolchains within NRENS where participants will be required to give short presentations or demos.  Discussions about upstream and peering notifications will also be included in the two-day programme.

Due to the practical nature of this workshop we would like to encourage in-person attendance. (The workshop room can host up to 40 people.)

Registrations are already open:

For further information and details about this event, please contact: Jochen Schoenfelder,

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