Webinar: Nokia optical trials – Breaking records for Capacity and Span using embedded Photonic Service Engines 6 April 2020 @ 13:00 CET

Nokia has demonstrated optical leadership in several recent trials, including 1Tb/s single carrier transmission, production networks exceeding 500Gbps and subsea networks exceeding 12,000Km without regeneration. These trials would not be possible without the capabilities of Nokia’s PSE, embedded in our 1830 PSS product line.

Join this webinar and learn about these trials:

  • Live networks at two European telecom service providers witnessed capacity increases to 500-600Gbps
  • Capacity and span reach records were set in the world’s first 1Tb/s, single carrier trial
  • Subsea records were broken using probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS)

Speaker: Alberto Bellato, Nokia Optical Business Development Manager


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