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Microsoft’s Commitment to customers during COVID-19

Microsoft’s mission is to empower every student and teacher on the planet to achieve more. Microsoft Teams and Microsoft solutions for education allow students to learn from anywhere, anytime. Content and assignments can be accessed online, students and teachers can interact using online tools, and can collaborate with each other for group work or assignments.

Microsoft’s top priority is the health and safety of employees, customers, partners, and communities. By making Teams available to as many people as possible, Microsoft aims to support public health and safety by keeping teams connected while they work apart.

The concept of anywhere, anytime learning has gained traction in recent years, and modern technology has made this more possible and practical than ever before.

Learning from anywhere

Content for classrooms and assignments can be published online and students can access it from anywhere. Using Teams, students can access content, collaborate with other students, interact with teachers, and submit assignments online. Teachers can review student assignments and provide timely feedback.

Online classrooms

Teachers can host classrooms online, allowing them to share a presentation or a digital whiteboard. Teachers and students can interact using the whiteboard as well as text, audio, or video. Sessions can also be recorded for offline viewing.

Live events

Live seminars with hundreds of students up to 10,000 attendees can be hosted online using Teams live events. Questions can be submitted by attendees and managed by presenters.

Start using Teams to transform teaching and learning.

Set up classrooms and assignments using Microsoft Teams

a.How to setup remote learning with Microsoft Teams View link
b.How to create a new classroom using Microsoft Teams: Watch video*
c.How to give assignments to students using Microsoft teams: Watch video*

Use Microsoft Teams to host classrooms online

a.How to use Share option to deliver the training content: View link
b.How to use Whiteboard to make the training interactive: View link
c.How to record the meeting for replay and for your knowledge base: View link

Set up Microsoft Teams Live Events for large seminars

a.How to plan and schedule a live event: Watch video
b.How to attend a live event: Watch Video
c.How to moderate a Q&A: Watch Video

Anywhere, Anytime Learning

Publish classroom content online or conduct online interactive classrooms. Teachers and students can use a single interface within Microsoft teams to learn, collaborate, and interact online.

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