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New identity and new logo for the Restena Foundation

As of the beginning of February 2020, both the visual identity and the website of the Restena Foundation have been updated. Mainly offering customised network and security services for Luxembourg’s actors in research and education and managing the the .lu domain name registration infrastructure, the Restena Foundation has undergone a metamorphosis 20 years after the launch of its activities.

The design of the new Restena Foundation’s visual identity builds on its predecessors. Elements present in its identity since its creation, the globe and its 3 lines, have been reused, although refined and simplified with bright colours. The Restena Foundation has also added to its logo the baseline ‘network, security, .lu’ in reference to its main activities on network infrastructure, computer security and .lu management.

In parallel, the Restena Foundation has conceived the new version of its institutional website as a showcase of its expertise and know-how. now includes information on all of its activities. In addition, the Restena Foundation has revamped both the structure and the content of its website. Modernized, the now long-scrolling website leaves a wide space for design. It meets the current Internet navigation standards and is designed for the use on desktops as well as tablets and smartphones.

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Submitted by Christine Glaser

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