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Dropbox Special Report: How to prepare your institution for the future of teaching and learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has, of course, changed the face of global research and education but will this be a temporary change or will it simply accelerate the changing way we teach and learn?

Increasing diversity among learners, a shifting job market, digitalisation, and a need to enable remote teaching and learning; these are just a handful of the challenges education leaders are up against right now.

How do you meet student expectations of teaching and learning? What tools and technology should you deploy to enable collaboration? And, how can you adapt teaching and learning to prepare students for the future of work?

To answer these questions, and find out how you can prepare your institution for education, Dropbox Business interviewed 25 decision makers from leading European institutions.

In this report, which includes commentary, case studies and insights from education leaders working at top institutions in Europe including INSEEC (France), University College London (UK), MCI | The Entrepreneurial School (Austria), ESADE (Spain) and CERN (Switzerland) we’ll explore:

  • The challenges facing higher education institutions across Europe
  • What the blended future of teaching and learning looks like and how you can adapt
  • Top tips and advice for creating a future proofed brand students and faculty want to be part of

Download your copy of the full report here

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