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Building the EOSC Association: First General Assembly on 17 December 2020

Building the EOSC Association First General Assembly on 17 December 2020

By: Cathrin Stöver, EOSC Executive Board Co-chair

According to plan and timeline, the four non-statutory Directors of the EOSC Association met for their first formal meeting on 28 October. The main aim of this meeting was to provisionally admit a first batch of new members and observers to the Association and to prepare for the first General Assembly of the EOSC Association, which will take place on 17 December 2020 as an online event.

EOSC Association Meeting October 2020
The first formal meeting of the EOSC Association non-statutory directors on 28 October 2020

Consequently, the Directors provisionally admitted 139 members and 48 observers (see the list of organisations here). Of these organisations, there were 3 who need to ensure that their membership paperwork is fully completed by 20 November 2020 to be fully admitted during the GA on 17 December. Of the 139 members, there were 13 mandated organisations, in addition to the founding members GARR and CSIC, who are also mandated organisations for Italy and Spain.

The formal meeting further discussed the agenda for the December GA and then focused on the elections for the President and the eight Directors of the Board which will be carried out on 17 December.

All information relating to the upcoming GA and the elections, such as the election process itself, the Call for candidates for the election of first President and Directors as well as the Function profiles for President and for Directors is available at this link.

The important bit to know is that the next really important deadline is 20 November, this is the date when all missing membership paperwork has to be in, until when a provisionally accepted member can be mandated AND until when the candidates need to have submitted their candidature consisting of a CV, a motivation letter and a letter from a suitable authority of the member organisation of the candidate stating their support for the candidate’s candidacy.

Questions can be directed to the EOSC Association start-up group using the email eoscassociation[at]eoscsecretariat.eu which will reply as soon as possible.

And to finalise this blog, I would just like to repeat again that membership to the EOSC Association remains open, but all organisations who are applying now, will only be admitted as members or observers in 2021.

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Article originally published on EOSCsecretariat.eu: https://www.eoscsecretariat.eu/news-opinion/eosc-association-first-general-assembly-17-december-2020

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