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6th TF-EDU virtual meeting: DATA and analytics – 8 Dec 2020

Data management and analysis is an increasingly important topic relevant to both research and education. Specifically, the large scale rapid digital transformation in education that took place over the last year brought with it some emergent challenges.

In the 6th TF-EDU virtual meeting on Tuesday, 8 December from 13:00 to 17:00 CET we will share best practices and address possible issues related to data and analytics, such as:

  • What data is harvested and stored?
  • Where is the data stored?
  • How do you ensure that privacy is protected and GDPR requirements are met?
  • Commercial vs community tools?
  • What are the opportunities (and challenges) afforded by data and learning analytics?
  • And what are the experiences of universities and NRENs using / offering Learning Analytics?

During the workshop you will hear and have the opportunity to discuss data mining and learning analytics with examples from Netherlands and Jisc respectively. We will be also discussing the questions outlined above, in addition to examples from UNIT, Norway of their national educational repositories. At the end of the workshop we will also get an update on, eduID, student mobility and MyAcademicID.

We hope for this to be a particularly engaging discussion for you, and our last opportunity this year to engage with TF-EDU in 2020.

We are also open to hearing from you about new topics for discussion at:




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