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Podcast: Find out More about the OCRE Framework with Sparkle

OCRE Project Podcast Series is born to show our passion for cloud technologies, discover major cloud trends and guide people into a journey of innovation.

In each episode, we will dive deep into the details of the Project and meet different actors of OCRE Cloud Framework.

Now out: “Episode 2 – Cloud benefits for R&E: a talk with David Heyns and Paolo Perulli”

With David Heyns, GÉANT Member and OCRE Project Director, and Paolo Perulli, Sales Manager Enterprise and European Institutions at Sparkle. A fresh deep talk on the evolution of the Cloud IaaS Framework into the present OCRE Framework to understand how cloud solutions could improve the digitalization process for R&E Community and how Sparkle could act as a Partner, Provider, and Integrator in easing this process.

Listen here

Discover more about Sparkle for Research & Education and the OCRE Cloud Framework at

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