The Decade of Digital Inclusion – 22 October 2021

The Marconi Society, a nonprofit chaired by Vint Cerf and dedicated to bridging the digital divide, is hosting an exciting event called The Decade of Digital Inclusion and registration is now open.  This semester-long virtual master class and special Symposium and Gala will convene some of the world’s most creative and innovative minds in technology, policy, and digital inclusion to focus on how we bring the rest of the planet online.

The master class, a series of virtual pre- and post-Symposium sessions will be offered from September through December, and the Symposium will take place on October 22, 2021, in Washington, D.C. and online. That evening, the Marconi Society hosts its annual gala to celebrate its newest Marconi Fellow, wireless maven and Dean of Princeton’s School of Engineering, Andrea Goldsmith.

A few sessions of particular interest of particular interest to our community, in addition to Andrea’s keynote on the Future That Our Connected World Will Create, include:

Inclusive Connectivity: Opportunities and Imperatives

Doreen Bogdan-Martin, Director of the Telecommunications Bureau of the ITU, will speak on the future of the digital landscape and what needs to happen at the intersection of technology, policy, regulation, and advocacy to ensure inclusive connectivity.

Information and Communications Technology:  Key Challenges for the Next Decade

Vint Cerf and Ana García Armada will lead a panel of experts across ICT disciplines, including Elza Erkip, Joe Kakande, Sir David Payne and others and then host an open plenary session to identify the critical issues which, if solved, would help create exponential improvements in our ability to connect everyone in the world to the Internet.

6G Summit on Connecting the Unconnected

Hosted by KAUST’s Mohamed-Slim Alouini, technologists including Ana García Armada, Vint Cerf, Ida Jallow, Tawfik Jelassi, Milo Medin, Anton Monk and more discuss the promise and challenges of 6G for democratizing connectivity.

Building Inclusion into Digital Tech R&D

IEEE Board Member Dalma Novak hosts Lynford Goddard, Sanmi Koyejo and Muriel Médard in a discussion of how we bring the lived experiences of the next billion into the building and design of tomorrow’s technology.

Building Effective and Socially Responsible Artificial Intelligence

As artificial intelligence hits the news with increasing frequency, Mark Gorenberg from Zetta Ventures will lead a panel of experts discussing social media, disinformation and the ethics of AI.


Register today to join us in person or virtually and please share this with your networks.

Download the programme pamphlet here.

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