The Decade of Digital Inclusion: Issues That Keep Us Up at Night

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Date: September 15, 2021
Time: 11am-12pm (ET USA)


Sir David Payne, Southampton University


Vint Cerf, Google
Jane Coffin, Internet Society
Joseph Kakande, Facebook
Muriel Médard, MIT
Colin Rhinesmith, Simmons University


We know the statistics—nearly half of the population is still not connected to the Internet. We’ve heard about the problems, from the homework gap to the lack of accessible health care to financial exclusion.

Experts from technology, policy, and digital inclusion will join forces to describe what the future could look like, the questions we need to answer, and the different points of view we have to consider. We will set the stage for the robust conversations that will take place at the Marconi Society’s Master Class and Symposium, The Decade of Digital Inclusion.

We will touch on the socio-economic issues of getting the right services to the right people, the role of governments in ensuring internet for all and the technologic possibilities and challenges for the next decade.

This event is free with registration.

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