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Network Performing Arts Production Workshop 2022 (NPAPW22): Call for Participation


The Network Performing Arts Production Workshop (NPAPW22) invites submissions of papers, demonstrations, presentations, installations, and multi-site performance proposals exploring the use of advanced networking and interactive technologies for performing arts production and education with partners across the globe.

NPAPW22 will be held 12-14 September 2022 at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn, Estonia. The event, with a long and rich history, is organised this year by GÉANT and supported by EENet of HTM, Internet2, and a Program Committee of dedicated colleagues.

What is NPAPW?

NPAPW22 is part of an annual workshop series hosted in a rotating city of Europe and the U.S.

It is a single-track workshop in which attendees learn about technologies utilising advanced networks to enable arts instruction and performance, experience master classes and live performances leveraging these technologies, and meet the colleagues and representatives from institutions advancing this realm of work.

For NPAPW22, we encourage submissions that transcend experimental application domains such as telematic improvisation, innovative pedagogical approaches, promote cross-cultural engagement, and technological innovations that support music, theatre, dance, and other art forms enabled by high-performance networks.

Who should attend?

Performing artists, music educators, composers, academic administrators, faculty, technology developers, cultural video producers, administration, and staff from performing arts venues – anyone or any institution interested in using interactive technologies over high-speed networks in educational programs or performances.

What are the dates for NPAPW22?

NPAPW22 will be held 12-14 September 2022.

Where is NPAPW22 hosted?

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn, Estonia

Who are the NPAPW22 sponsors?

In addition to our host organisation, the workshop is sponsored by GÉANTInternet2, and supported by EENet of HTM.

What technologies will be a part of the demonstrations?

This is constantly evolving, but here is a (mostly) comprehensive list:

  • LoLa – an ultra-low-latency Windows platform that allows synchronous performance in above CD-quality audio and HD video.
  • Ultragrid – a cross platform software application that uses consumer devices for streaming up to 8K resolution video and multichannel, high-resolution audio.
  • Polycom/H.323 – A commercially produced software and hardware communications standard particularly effective for educational programs.
  • MVTP – A hardware streaming solution offering up to 4K at 60FPS with TICO compression.
  • JackTrip – A multichannel audio streaming solution for Macintosh and Linux.
  • Nimbra – Hardware encoding solutions offering extremely low-latency 4K streaming over IP networks.

NPAPW22 Call for Participation

There is a peer review submission process. Proposals may be submitted here:

Proposals received by Monday June 30 at midnight CEST will receive full consideration.

The following ideas may inspire your proposals:

  • Our aim is to encourage people to think about interactive live-streaming in new ways.
  • We encourage participants to send us (practical and theoretical) best practice examples dealing with the challenges of connecting performers who are remote but need to interact in real time.
  • Our goal is to present low-latency-applications and the network infrastructures being utilised to be successful.
  • What is your vision to connect people (artists, art teacher…) who don’t share the same time and space via advanced networks?
  • What value does advanced research and education networking add to the arts? Introduce us to your views – from philosophical to practical views.
  • What is the future of network-based arts? Is there a future?
  • The last mile – visions, concepts, and experiences in overcoming the last mile challenge.
  • In the middle of a pandemic, how do you reach audiences remotely? What is your best practice business model?

Who is on the NPAPW22 Program Committee?   

  • Claudio Allocchio, GARR
  • Jesper Andersen, Royal Danish Academy of Music
  • Triinu Arak, EAMT
  • Maria Isabel Gandia Carriedo, CSUC
  • Ann Doyle, Internet2
  • Marten Frojdo, NCDP
  • Paolo Girol, Estonian Academy of Music
  • Tom Gorman, Coventry University
  • John Kieser, New World Symphony
  • Renata Kreil, ACOnet
  • Tania Lisboa, Royal College of Music
  • David Spencer, University of Memphis
  • Justin Trieger, New World Symphony
  • Sven Ubik, CESNET
  • Domenico Vicinanza, GÉANT & Anglia Ruskin University – Chair
  • Sarah Weaver, NowNet Arts


Submission deadline: Due June 30, 2022

Submission fee: none.

Anticipated notification date: July 22, 2022


Open soon!  Check here:


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