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A second call for European research e-infrastructures – Distribution of commercial cloud services

A second call for European research e-infrastructures – Distribution of commercial cloud services

Based on the great success of the first call in the series, the EOSC Future project is initiating a second call for proposals for ‘digital aggregators’ to drive the uptake of digital services within the broader European research community!

Part of a €4.8M adoption funding programme supported by the EU, through the EOSC Future project, this next call aims to distribute €1.4M to the successful applicants. It is the second call targeting digital aggregators (e.g. non-profit entities, NRENs, RIs and e-Infrastructures, HPC centres, etc.) who will collaborate with local OCRE cloud service providers on dynamic and creative proposals.

Proposals should demonstrate a concrete approach to distributing state-of-the-art digital services (e.g. compute, storage, machine learning, analytics, AI) via the European Open Science Cloud. We anticipate that these mechanisms could potentially drive strategy and relevance for many of the research infrastructures moving forward.

Two proposals will be awarded up to €600,000 (VAT excluded) in pre-procured IaaS/PaaS/SaaS (including professional services) from OCRE cloud providers (find the list of OCRE services in the EOSC Marketplace).

What makes a strong proposal?

Suitable proposals will demonstrate pan-European service provision, showcasing sustainable distribution mechanisms and methods for making commercial services available to researchers, as well as integration in terms of AAI and the Research and Education federations, supplier service registration, and any other integration opportunities with the EOSC Interoperability Framework.

Please note that individuals or organisations that have already been awarded funding through the EOSC Future procurement scheme mini-competitions are not eligible to apply for this round.

Previous winners demonstrated:

  1. Open Source Trusted Resarch Environments (TRE)
  2. Elastic Kubernetes clusters deployed on multi-Clouds
  3. Flexible Authentication & Authorization Infrastructure-as-a-Service (including HPC)
  4. Cloud native Kubernetes environment working with models which classify hate speech (using GPUs for machine learning)
  5. OpenScienceLabs supporting simulations of HPC workflow

Get matched up with a commercial cloud provider!

Applicants for this call need to be matched with a commercial cloud service provider in their region (specifically, from the list of OCRE framework contract holders). Please use the catalogue to identify and contact the appropriate  OCRE cloud supplier near you, and then collaborate on a proposal. All OCRE suppliers in EU countries will have been invited to participate and will be responsible for the submission of the proposal for scoring.

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to the advancement of digital services in the research community. For any inquiries, please contact

Applications are open until Friday 14 July, 12:00 CEST.

Find out more on the EOSC Future website:

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