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Muscat International Airport becomes first in Middle East to offer eduroam access

Muscat, Oman - February 16, 2020: Interior of departure terminal at Muscat International Airport, Oman.

In a groundbreaking move towards advancing education and fostering connectivity, Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN), in cooperation with the Oman Airports Company, launched eduroam, the global educational roaming service, at Muscat International Airport as a first airport in the Middle East provides eduroam service

The activation of eduroam at Muscat International Airport signifies a significant step forward for the academic community in Arabic countries and the world. This enables them to continue their academic pursuits uninterrupted, whether it’s participating in remote lectures, accessing online resources, or collaborating with colleagues. The availability of eduroam at the airport opens up a world of possibilities for academics, promoting international cooperation and knowledge sharing.

Muscat International Airport’s adoption of eduroam offers numerous benefits to academics traveling to and from Middle East countries. as the traveler spends hours in the airport environment, whether for departing travelers or at the time of stopping for a short period (transit), in which he needs to complete some of his tasks, whether academic or even practical, and the “Oman Airports company” is committed to providing a Super Speed network, and a high capacity for use by travelers in the airport corridors, and this confirms that the airport constitutes in several moments a vital work environment for the traveler during his stopover before his flight takes off to its intended destination.

eduroam is currently available in 36 locations in the Sultanate of Oman, distributed among universities, colleges and strategic locations. Muscat International Airport is among more than 30 international airports that provide this service.

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