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Let’s get reading: GÉANT’s CONNECT 44!

GÉANT CONNECT 44 - How do GÉANT and the NRENs support Open Science

The newest issue of GÉANT’s CONNECT Magazine is now available online!

Fresh out of the EOSC Symposium 2023 and the Open Science Fair 2023 in Madrid, our community has contributed to the Magazine with plenty of testimonials and insightful content on the latest Open Science and data management activities. CONNECT44 features five interviews with Connie Clare from Research Data Alliance, Elli Papadopoulou from Athena Research Centre, Tamara Gvenetadze from GRENA, Emma Lazzeri from GARR, and Chris de Loof from Belnet on EOSC Focus.

CONNECT44 also highlights the topic of Quantum Communications with an insert fully dedicated to contributions from both NRENs as well as the private sector.

In this issue, we also explore three European Supercomputers and their applications in the research and education field: the Slovenian Vega EuroHPC and the Portuguese Deucalion – the latest additions to the EuroHPC initiative – and the LUMI supercomputer.

In addition, in this issue you will also find:

  • an interview with Dr. Stefan Hanslik, national representative for Austria in the steering and governing boards of EOSC and EuroHPC (page 2);
  • the Gender Equality Principles that were discussed during TNC23 and serve as a first guide for any organisation in our community that wishes to use them (page 38);
  • an update on TNC24, which will be hosted by Renater on 10-14 June, 2024 in Rennes, France (page 41).

And numerous other articles from our NREN partners. Thank you to all of you who contributed to this issue.

Let's get reading!

To see previous issues, visit our CONNECT Magazine page.

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