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Security baseline compliance and international regulatory frameworks

We are pleased to announce that the collaboration work carried out within WP8 Security under the auspices of GN5-1 Project has made possible the publication of a technical paper in the MDPI Open Access scientific journal Future Internet. The article, Leveraging Taxonomical Engineering for Security Baseline Compliance in International Regulatory Frameworks, starting from the consideration that the occurrence of successful IS breaches targeting R&E institutions has highlighted a need for enhanced protection, introduces the Security Baseline for NRENs as a security maturity model tailored for R&E entities, derived from established security best practices to meet the specific needs of NRENs, universities, and various research institutions.

The paper highlights how the new model, by employing taxonomical engineering principles, has established a mapping of baseline requirements to other security frameworks and regulations, hence revealing a correlation across most regulations impacting R&E institution and as a result, organisations can systematically compare diverse security requirements, pinpoint gaps in their strategy and formulate a roadmap to bolster their security initiatives.

Security Baseline Diagram
Security Baseline Diagram

Congratulations to the international security experts colleagues from WP8 T1 on Security Management involved in GN5-1 for this excellent contribution in the area of future internet security.

To read the full paper:

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