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GÉANT: By Nature, Invisible

The GÉANT Impact website is dedicated to showcasing the amazing user communities and vast projects that rely on GÉANT and the National Research and Education Networks.

This week we start a new section, which we’ve titled By Nature Invisible.

What do we mean by that?

Simply that the essential services that are relied upon by scientific communities, by researchers, by students and academics, by millions of people from all walks of life across Europe (and often beyond) are kind of invisible. But, why invisible? Because those services work, seamlessly, and enable those people who rely on them to focus on what they do best, rather than on their connectivity, their digital identities, or how they can collaborate with peers across the world.

And that’s how it should be. Those services are so fundamental to so many communities, they are often taken for granted, and GÉANT and the NRENs are by their nature invisible, in a good way!

So, this new section looks below the surface, at the individuals (fictional but based on typical users – personas in other words) who are part of these communities and rely on GÉANT and the NRENs without always realising it.

Meet Sofia, Carol, Joe and Naomi

Take a closer look at the journeys of Sofia, Carol, Joe and Naomi, and keep an eye out for future personas as we expand the story about the invisible (but fundamental) nature of GÉANT and the NRENs.


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