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Partner News – BENOCS: Why reliable and fast network analytics is essential for your network

It’s no secret that analytics are important if you want to run a network successfully. In today’s complex internet ecosystem, no company or organization operating a network can run a business well without knowing exactly what is going on inside their network.

Network analytics are particularly essential for NRENs due to the unique challenges and requirements of their operations.

Operating complex networks spanning multiple institutions, research facilities, and geographic regions, NRENs can utilize network analytics to provide visibility into these intricate network environments, helping them understand traffic patterns and performance metrics across their infrastructure.

NRENs often operate with limited resources and budget constraints. With the help of network analytics, NRENs can optimize resource allocation by identifying inefficiencies, capacity bottlenecks, as well as other areas for improvement. This allows NRENs to make informed decisions about infrastructure investments and prioritize initiatives that will have the greatest impact on network performance and reliability.

Due to their vital role in fostering innovation and collaboration within the research and education community, NRENs need to employ network analytics to support emerging technologies, facilitate data sharing and collaboration, and provide the reliable network infrastructure needed to drive scientific breakthroughs and academic advancements.

This is where BENOCS comes into play.

What is BENOCS Analytics and how does it work

Before you can optimize your network, you first need to see inside it. BENOCS Analytics does just that: it visualizes the traffic flowing through your network.

By correlating various internet protocols already in place in your network, including IGP, BGP, SNMP, NetFlow, and DNS, BENOCS Analytics produces a real-time network database that provides a dynamically updated and high-resolution map of network traffic entering, traversing and exiting your network’s backbone, from source to destination.

The BENOCS Analytics – Flow Explorer module gives you deep insights into the traffic flowing through your network.

Reacting quickly to traffic anomalies is made possible by the integrated Anodot AI Anomaly Detection module. With the help of machine learning, Anodot quickly learns your network’s normal behavior and alerts you to anomalies in close to real time. This way network problems can be rectified even before your end-users notice anything was wrong.

Seeing the traffic flows in their entirety eliminates all guesswork about network behavior.

Optimize your network’s performance

With BENOCS Analytics you can optimize routing, saving on both CapEx and OpEx costs. Similarly, planning teams can use BENOCS Analytics for efficient capacity forecasting and planning, here too saving your organization time and money.

Use the Core Planner module to see SNMP-based utilization of your backbone links to plan the capacity of your network’s core routers.

By identifying new peering opportunities, NRENs can improve network quality through shorter paths, and reduce backbone utilization by optimizing interconnect locations with peers.

BENOCS helps you understand how traffic flows through your network and identify potential performance issues.

Why choose BENOCS?

There are many reasons why BENOCS Analytics is the right choice for your organization, including:

  • Highly scalable to fit any organization size
  • Displays analytics in close to real time
  • Gives deep insights in network traffic behavior
  • Ensures your end-users receive a reliable and consistent experience
  • Easily accessible and understandable tool for everyone in your organization
  • Enables cross-functional collaboration between teams

BENOCS Analytics gives network operators the tools they need to optimize network performance and deliver a superior experience for their end-users. By leveraging advanced traffic analytics capabilities, BENOCS can help your organization stay ahead of evolving network challenges and maximize the value of your network investments.

BENOCS Analytics is a no-touch SaaS solution that collects and analyzes your network traffic data in real-time, providing insights into traffic patterns, trends, capacity, and anomalies.

Take a look at our website and sign up for a free demo account to try it out for yourself:

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