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Live on GARR: a Coursera archeology MOOC from the Colosseum

On 5 June at 5.30 PM the new MOOC on the history of the Palatine Hill by the Sapienza University will be launched with an extraordinary class, which will be broadcast from the Roman Temple of Venus in collaboration with GARR.

The event is the result of the collaboration with the special authority for the Colosseum, which interconnected its key sites on GARR optical network. This decision discloses the potential of high capacity fibre links not only for archaeological research, but for the enjoyment of Italy unique artistic and cultural heritage and for the development of innovative teaching in this field.

This MOOC is in English and has an international scope as it will be available on Coursera .
The opening lesson can be watched live at The webinar is also accessible on the mobile app, available on:

Submitted by Carlo Volpe

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