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GÉANT bids farewell to Florencio Utreras and welcomes ​RedCLARA´s new Executive Director

RedCLARA has announced Luis Eliecer Cadenas Marin, co-founder of Venezuelan NREN REACCIUN, as its new Executive Director.

The announcement was made at the opening ceremony of the TICAL2017 Conference, in the city of San José, Costa Rica, earlier this month.

The new Executive Director will assume the position previously held by Florencio Utreras, who served as Executive Director since the founding of CLARA in November 2004.

Mr. Utreras, who received warm recognition for his leadership during the ceremony in San José, has been a long-standing friend of GÉANT and instrumental in the establishing and developing of relationships and friendships between Latin America and Europe, which began with an EU-funded feasibility study in 2002. This led to the ALICE project and several successor projects that have transformed the collaboration between the research and education communities in Latin America and Europe.

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