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Safely experience crisis management and communications: CLAW community workshop

Crisis management is becoming an increasingly urgent topic for organisations across the globe. For national research and education networks (NRENs) a crisis can either be an intentional (e.g. cyber-attack) or an unintentional (e.g. network failure due to natural disasters) disruption of their business continuity. Attacks like WannaCry have shown that a large-scale incident is not a question of if, but of when this will take place, and unintentional failures can occur throughout our community. To ensure that the GÉANT community is prepared to deal with these types of crisis, a selection of Special Interest Groups and Task Forces are organising the CLAW crisis management event that will take place in Malaga on 20-21 November 2017. Registration is open!

The aim of the event is to better develop the crisis management plans and skills of individual NREN organisations and the way the community as a whole can deal with a larger European cyber/network crisis.

At CLAW we will:

  • Share successes and failures in lightning talks;
  • Learn new crisis communication skills and management techniques in targeted workshops;
  • Experience a crisis through a simulation exercise;
  • Develop shared vocabulary, templates and procedures to help NRENs in shaping their crisis management plans in an explorers and receivers exercise.

We invite all NRENs to send to CLAW representatives from their NOC, marketing-communications, CSIRT and/or information security management teams.

Join us in Malaga whether your organisation is just starting to formulate a crisis management plan or it has been working in this area for many years.

Register here.

For further information visit the CLAW Crisis Management Exercise wiki page.

Any questions? Please, contact Charlie van Genuchten:

This event is organised by:

  • Robert Tofte, Nordunet – SIG-ISM
  • Robert Haymon-Collins, Jisc – SIG-Marcomms
  • Laetitia Lagneau, Belnet – SIG-Marcomms
  • Wojciech Bohdanowicz, PSNC – SIG-Marcomms
  • Damian Niemir, PSNC – SIG-Marcomms
  • Giovanni Sorenti, Jisc – SIG-NOC
  • Joze Hanc, ARNES – SIG-NOC
  • Jordi Guijarro, CSUC – TF CSIRT
  • Francisco Monserrat, RedIRIS – TF CSIRT
  • Victoriano Giralt, University of Malaga
  • Nicole Harris, GÉANT
  • Sigita Jurkynaitė, GÉANT
  • Dick Visser, GÉANT
  • Steffie Bosman, GÉANT
  • Charlie van Genuchten, GÉANT / SURFnet
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