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eduTEAMS pilot launched

The GÉANT project is happy to announce the immediate availablility of eduTEAMS 1.0 release which includes the Membership Management Service (MMS).

eduTEAMS MMS is the first of a suite of services provided by GÉANT that support collaborative organisations to effectively leverage authentication and authorisation infrastuctures. eduTEAMS MMS builds on top of eduGAIN and allows collaborations to record and manage group and role information and deliver that information to their services.

eduTEAMS MMS has the following features:

  • A hosted platform for managing groups, attributes and enrolment processes.
  • Registry for research collaboration persistent identifiers
  • Research collaboration specific workflows for on-boarding
  • Helps to formalise membership management,
  • Distribute authorisation on membership to the right people
  • Gather additional attributes beyond identity providers

Submitted by Karl Meyer

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