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AfricaConnect2: from knowledge sharing to job creation – the success story of Uganda

Created for the 5th Africa-EU Summit of Heads of State and the associated EU-Africa Business Forum, a new video tells the story of a student start-up that originated from a project at Kyambogo University in Uganda. Using their software development and data management skills, these students not only optimised administrative processes and enhanced the learning experience at the university, but also created jobs for themselves and the wider community. This truly inspiring story was made possible thanks to the collaboration of RENU (Research and Education Network in Uganda), the UbuntuNet Alliance and the AfricaConnect2 project – showcasing the powerful impact of R&E networking.

Watch the video to find out how hot topics such as youth opportunities, job creation and knowledge transfer are powered by R&E networking under the AfricaConnect2 project.

Submitted by Dimple Sokartara

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