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E-SIM: one card for printing, access and calling?

Up until now we have seen the E-SIM as a provider-independent SIM card for your phone. But from a technical perspective, the E-SIM is an applet with SIM card functions on a smart card. The E-SIM allows you to integrate the functions of a SIM card with those of a smart card already used by education and research institutions, for instance for student and employee cards. If you place a smart card in a phone’s SIM card slot, the user is given access to the mobile network, while the apps on the phone can also use that smart card. This opens the door to a whole host of new possibilities. SURFnet expects the E-SIM to become an important component for education and research, and that’s why our third blog post on the unwired campus of the future focuses on the E-SIM. Read the blog post.

Submitted by Judith Verhoeven

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