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Your TNC18 Guide to: the GÉANT Community Programme

The GÉANT Community Programme is an overarching, community driven, framework to foster collaboration and support community-driven initiatives in order to build communities, share ideas and solve common issues.  TNC18 is a perfect opportunity for many of our groups and activities to get together, and you will find Community Programme initiatives taking place throughout the week.  As we are now only a week away from the conference, here are some of the highlights so you don’t miss out.


For the eager, we start on Sunday with the traditional REFEDS meeting.  REFEDS brings together Federation Operators and other interested parties from around the globe to discuss standards and best practice for Identity Federations.  We have a packed programme of interesting speakers and 80 attendees signed-up, so why not join us to learn more about how Research and Education Identity Federations are supporting privacy-preserving access to services


Monday starts early with a GLIF meeting at 08:00.  The Global Lambda Integrated Facility group will look at recent developments in global light paths, but also discuss the issues around networks being increasingly software driven.   They are joined by TF-RED, who will be discussing international research engagement challenges and solutions and how science engagement teams can work together to best support researchers and global research.

SIG-PMV kicks off at 14:30 on Monday and has a wide range of presentations in its 90 minutes session – with everything from DTN deployment and performance testing to bench-marking.  More information is available on the detailed agenda for SIG-PMV.


Tuesday evening brings the TNC18 BoF’s and a series of sessions from the Community Programme.  The (closed) Global eduroam Governance Committee will meet on Tuesday evening, with plenty of opportunity to plan for the open Mobility Day on Thursday (see below).

WISE (Wise Information Sharing for e-Infrastructures) will also have a BoF discussing the joint security needs of e-Infrastructures.  This session will look at the work of the WISE Working Groups, covering topics such as security for collaboration, risk management, security for big and open data and security training.

The Filesender BoF will be an opportunity to learn about a collaboration between Filesender, the NLnet Foundation and the Community Programme to create a software conservancy with Europe – the Commons Conservancy.


The main conference programme may end on Wednesday but the conference is most certainly not over.  We hope to see many attendees at the packed day of workshops and events on Thursday.

Mobility Day is now a standing feature on the TNC programme, and gives people an opportunity to have an annual catch-up on all things roaming related.  This year will see updates on the CAT tool, eduroam Hosted IdP, pilots for eduroam guests, govroam, WIFI4EU and more.  Don’t forget to sign-up!

SIG-ISM kicks off on Thursday morning and invites everyone to participate in a discussion centered on the ISM working groups.  Topics to be covered include: inventory for security officers, guidance on setting up and running ISMS for NRENs and security awareness.

SIG-TNE will also take place on Thursday morning. Transnational Education is becoming an increasingly important topic for more and more campuses, and with them the NRENs, who are facing challenges in technically supporting quality education in global markets.  This session will look at the work that SIG-TNE has carried out to track TNE efforts and impacts.

Our final Community Programme offer for Thursday is the all-day SIG-Marcomms and Global PR Network joint meeting.  This meeting will have a focus on marketing and communication  skills and capacity building, showcasing activities, experiences and lessons learned from NRENs and global partners.

Other Events

You will also find the Community Programme elsewhere at TNC18 – SIG-NOC have a poster and will be hosting a lunch table on Wednesday at the conference, giving you the opportunity to meet with the group.  This will be sign-posted in the lunch room.

The security part of our community programme will also be well represented in Sigita’s lightning talk on Tuesday – you will be invited to “Swipe, Match, Chat” with our security portfolio.

The joint chairs of the GÉANT Community Committee – Klaas Wierenga and Valter Nordh – and the Community Programme coordinator – Nicole Harris – will be in attendance at TNC18.  If you have any questions about the Community Programme or the Community Committee please approach us or ask at the GÉANT stand!  We look forward to seeing you there.

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