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Life at GÉANT: Helga Spitaler, Senior International Engagement Officer

Life at GÉANT is an initiative to attract new talent: it provides a closer look at the people inside GÉANT’s organisation and what excites them about their working lives. Here’s the latest employee story to give you a flavour of this initiative.

Helga Spitaler, Senior International Engagement Officer, Cambridge

‘Making a difference’

What do you do at GÉANT?

As part of the International Relations team, for over 10 years I have been involved in adapting the GÉANT model to other parts of the world in the context of EU-funded regional networking projects. Specifically, I drive and coordinate the visibility efforts for these projects, including mentoring colleagues to build up PR capacity locally.

I always want to understand the WHY that is behind what we do. I am therefore keen to demonstrate our impact through the eyes of the actual network users, and in particular the less traditional ones who have a huge societal benefit potential. And I am proud to be involved in the In The Field blog project which depicts such a powerful picture of the difference NRENs make around the world.


Again, it’s about making a difference. Like the caretaker at NASA who replied when asked ’What do you do?’ with ‘I am helping put a man on the moon’, we should proudly say ‘We are helping advance scientific research and make education more accessible’.

And it’s about the people. I really value the multi-cultural atmosphere here at GÉANT. I work with and learn from amazing colleagues, both in this organisation and in the wider community and have made real friends along the way.

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