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Winter wonderland for TF-CSIRT 56

TF-CSIRT hosted its 56th meeting and its traditional joint January meeting with the FIRST Regional Symposium, in Tallinn, Estonia. Despite the snow, we welcomed more than 260 participants to talk all things incident response. The full programme and presentations from the event can be found on the FIRST website.

Tallinn has long been the home of a significant focus on innovation and security and we were lucky to be joined by Andrus Kaarelson, Director of State Information System in the duties of Director General, who shared lessons learnt on security and the Estonian eID. The local theme remained strong with Franz Lantenhammer and Silver Saks from NATO CCDCOE talking about their experiences with cyber exercises. Participants heard about the figures behind the #lockedshields exercise run by CCDOE: 4000 VMs, 1000 people, 25000 attacks, and 30 nations involved.

To find out more about the rest of the programme, read on.

Submitted by Nicole Harris

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