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Launch of Data Mover Challenge 2020!

The sharing and transfer of huge amounts of data across borders and continents are key foundations for the advancement of global science. Such data is essential in advanced, leading-edge research that run extreme data-intensive calculations to solve today’s most complex research puzzles for tomorrow’s innovations. Applications for the data are wide-ranging including the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced manufacturing, drug discovery, weather monitoring, big data analysis and many others.

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The Data Mover Challenge (DMC), which is organised by the National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC), Singapore, brings together experts from industry and academia, to push the envelope in high-speed, big-data transfer capabilities, and across vast distances. Participants in DMC19 included international teams from USA, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea. The Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs) for DMC19 that were set up globally in Singapore, Australia, USA, South Korea and Japan were connected by 100Gbps international research and education networks.

DMC20 – “Data For Science”

The capability to effect the sharing of large amounts of research data quickly and securely between collaborating entities or computational resources will rise in demand as science becomes more data-intensive with more precise and larger instruments, and global research cooperation increases.
The theme for DMC20, “Data for Science”, places an emphasis on the need for better coordination and speed in moving large amounts of data between multiple sites with Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs) as well as to HPC centres around the globe.

While DMC19 focused on point-to-point data transfer between only two sites at a time, the challenge for DMC20 will be to optimise point-to-multipoint data transfer – a crucial step forward in advancing research collaboration and sharing.

DMC20 will extend the network testbed and location of DTNs to cover the entire world. The intention will be for the test data to circle the globe. Partners in Asia, Europe and USA will be supporting the competition.

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