eduVPN – Providing Extra Security and Privacy for Mobile Researchers and Students

With tens of thousands of hotspots in over 100 countries, eduroam has become an invaluable tool for every mobile student and researcher. However, when eduroam is not available or an additional layer of security and privacy is needed, the question how to protect your privacy when using public WiFi becomes an issue. This is where eduVPN becomes vital.



About the author

Niels van Dijk

Niels van Dijk is a technical product manager Trust and Security at SURFnet, the Dutch National Research and Educational Network.
Niels has been working in the GÉANT project for many years. Previously he led the service development of both the eduTEAMS service as well as the InAcademia simple validation service.
In the current GÉANT 4-3 project he is the work package lead for the Trust and Identity Incubator, which investigates new technologies that currently have no place (yet) in the services ecosystem of the GÉANT project.

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