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Microclimatic IoT monitoring to protect museum collections

“Prevention is better than cure” – this rationale applies in many places, and when it comes to museums as well. Museums are obliged to take good care of their collections of artefacts, many of them irreplaceable, invaluable and fragile, and preserve them as best they can.

Technology has an important part to play in this, and now universities, tech companies and museums are joining forces in the CollectionCare project to develop digital conservation technology to better monitor the condition of their collections. CollectionCare brings together companies and museums from Italy, France, Denmark, Spain, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, and Belgium to design Internet of Things based sensor networks and monitoring solutions making it easier for small and medium sized museums to supervise the condition of their collections properly.

What does CollectionCare do exactly and how is the Dutch NREN SURFnet involved? Read it all in the latest In The Field blog post.

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