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Preparing for environmental disasters in Moldova

Houses flooded with water

No floods. No funding.

This doesn’t stop Dr Dumitru Drumea, a researcher at the Institute of Ecology and Geography in Chisinau, Moldova and associate professor at the Free International University of Moldova. In fact, it motivates him. Dr Drumea says that environmental challenges can be overcome with education programmes.

Having many years’ experience in environmental research, I know that data management and the way data is presented to decision-makers is a key area for improvement. There’s a lot of work going on in the EU that could be used in Moldova and the Eastern Partnership region. Education on how we plan for environmental issues in EaP countries should be based on EU directives and the experiences of other EU countries. These learnings could play a crucial role in mitigating natural disasters and pollution.

Read the full interview with Dr. Drumea on the latest In The Field blog, where he explains the importance of R&E networks and RENAM in particular, as well as the support of the EaPConnect project.

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