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European Cyber Security Month @ SWITCH

SWITCH starts the Cyber Security Month with the Security Awareness Day ( on October 1st. For the second time, participants working in education, law enforcement and industry are invited to talk and exchange their knowledge about engaging users into information security. In order to show its many facets, the agenda is packed with talks and speakers with different approaches to security awareness. The cantonal police of Zurich will talk about their cybercrime prevention program, a linguist will share his point of view on how to make IT-Security compatible, the participants will learn how to seriously play with Lego and much more.

In addition to that, SWITCH continues to provide and offer her usual Security Awareness services to the community. The most successful and fun initiative here is “Hack The Hacker” ( In the style of an escape room, the participants have to solve puzzles in an analog game environment as a team. An introduction provides the teams with basic knowledge about security which they further need to apply during the game. In a debriefing, the security aspects that are brought up during the introduction and the game are strengthened by recapping the whole experience. Since the launch of the program we trained more than 350 participants all over Switzerland and Germany.

For several years now, the foundation works closely together with the Swiss Internet Security Alliance who creates Security Awareness content based on the collaboration of a working group. For this year’s Cyber Security Month there will be a campaign about controlling the distribution of personal data on Social Media. The fun graphics and the text is published as Creative Commons and therefore available and reusable for everybody ( Postcards and stickers are sent out to the whole community together with the encouragement to share, reuse and distribute the material.

GÉANT has also created an editable cybersecurity month poster set you can download here

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