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Google’s commitment to protecting user data in the cloud

As institutions move to the Cloud they often have questions about security, privacy, and data redundancy. But with a comprehensive framework for evaluating service providers, administrators and researchers can safely accelerate their move to the cloud.

Here are the top three myths about security and privacy—and the reality about Google Cloud.

Myth #1: IT leaders can’t easily see or control access to their information in the cloud.

Myth busted: Google Cloud provides a central management console to view activity throughout the hybrid cloud environment.

Myth #2: Hybrid clouds mean more work for security staff.

Myth busted: Google Cloud offers policies and tools to centralize security administration for on-premises and cloud resources.

Myth #3: Confusion over the security responsibilities of clients and providers will create gaps in protection.

Myth busted: Google Cloud offers a matrix that clearly shows where customer and provider duties intersect and where they diverge.

Google’s Cloud customers can feel confident that Google never sells customer data to third parties and all data are encrypted by default.

Security is something we’ve built in from the start comprehensively,” says Urs Hölzle, Senior Vice President for Technical Infrastructure at Google. “We start with the principle that your data is your data, and only your data. No one should access it without your knowledge and consent.”

Case Study

Read a case study about how researchers at the Institute of Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) use Google Cloud Platform to help protect private health information

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