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Remote music education at 10 Gbits per second

Imagine living somewhere so remotely, you need to travel several hours by ferry and rely heavily on them to be able to physically engage with other artists. This was the life of Mårten Fröjdö, one of only 29.000 people living on the Åland archipelago, who is one of the driving forces behind the new Nordic infrastructure: Nordic Centre for Digital Presence (NCDP).

“We started with developing digital solutions for performing arts, and from there we went to music education,” says Mårten Fröjdö

“But all the travelling involved makes that solution rather expensive. Instead we convinced our local government to invest in technology for remote music teaching. Now we have a studio in Mariehamn, the main city of Åland, and another studio only a short walk from the Stockholm concert hall. The two studios are connected through a powerful fibre and together with special equipment we can secure the low latency that is crucial for people to play music together. If you just want to stream something you don’t need this equipment. But for interaction, e.g. playing music together, you need low latency, and it has to be less than 20-25 milliseconds.”

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