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CRNC2019: Partnership for the future of Research and Higher Education in Central Asia

CRNC2019 – the 4th CAREN Regional Networking Conference – is held this week from 26-27 November in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

CRNC has established itself as the academic networking conference for Central Asia, and CRNC2019 aims to serve as a platform of exchange and collaboration from key stakeholders across Central Asia, bringing together academia, scientists, decision makers, ICT specialists and industry representatives from the region.

With the theme of “Partnership for the future of Research and Higher Education in Central Asia” and jointly hosted at the Kyrgyz State Technical University the Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences, the event brings together practitioners from the Central Asian research and higher education community, policy makers, connectivity providers, ICT vendors and will also draw on the expertise of representatives from other regional networks and organisations, such as GÉANT and its Asian counterpart Asi@Connect.

Keynote speakers include Veronika Di Luna and Chris Atherton of GÉANT, Askar Kutanov of CAREN CC and Sanggyun Kim of Asi@Connect.

Participants will see first-hand from scientists and academics how CAREN’s services make a real difference in advancing collaborative research in areas such seismology, water management, climate change, e-Learning and e-Libraries.

CRNC2019 is organised by the CAREN CC and is hosted by the Kyrgyz Research and Education Network organisation, in conjunction with the Kygyz State technical University, the Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences and the Kyrgyz Turkish Manas University.

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