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Supporting more responsible stewardship of marine ecosystems

Canada’s Ocean Tracking Network (OTN), based at Dalhousie University in Halifax, has created a global monitoring network to comprehensively examine the local-to-global movements of aquatic species in all of the world’s five oceans. The OTN unites scientists from around the world in a revolutionary examination of marine life and ocean conditions, uniquely providing a scientific foundation for sustainable oceans management.

OTN research has already yielded important insights into the often-mysterious migrations of endangered marine animals like leatherback turtles, basking sharks, American eels, and Bluefin tuna, and have generated critical knowledge towards conservation recommendations.

The OTN carries out quality assurance and verification on all the data it collects. That data is then stored and aggregated at Dalhousie, and shared both nationally and globally through the ACORN-NS and CANARIE networks.

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Submitted by Jane Gifford

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