EOSC Interviews Open Science Trust and identity

Integrating UmbrellaID with eduTEAMS for seamless access to data services

Jean-François Perrin (Head of IT at ILL – Institut Laue-Langevin), Christos Kanellopoulos (Senior Trust and Identity Manager at GÉANT), Mirjam van Daalen (Chief of Staff of the Photon Science Division at the Paul Scherrer Institut, and Chair of the UmbrellaID Committee) and Björn Erik Abt (IT security officer at Paul Scherrer Institut, and Head of the technical team of UmbrellaID) were interviewed on the work carried out in the frame of PaNOSC WP6 – EOSC integration, towards the set-up of a federated authorization and authentication infrastructure (AAI) for the users of photon and neutron sources, which will allow a seamless access to data and data services.

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