So, you want to submit a Lightning Talk at TNC20?

In the last few years Lightning Talks at TNC have undeniably been the talk of the town. So much high quality, original and stimulating content has been presented and shared on the stage of our flagship conference.  Each Lightning Talk presenter owns the stage for just 5  minutes, but so much creativity can be injected in each presentation, where only the sky is the limit.

Making Waves, is the TNC20 theme. Waves can build up and break down shorelines, their impact is transformative and powerful. Similarly digital technologies deliver transformative and disruptive capabilities across networking, Trust & Identity and cloud services for the benefits of Research & Education.

NRENs across the globe connect the teams delivering discoveries that impact and improve our lives via some of the fastest data networks, most trusted identity services known to mankind and collaboration. NRENs have the intellectual bravery to inspire, disrupt and make waves. NRENs enable progress.

Our footprint as NRENs is visible in the identity space, technology, the environment and society. We are a conscious and forward-looking community working together to build a better future. This is the time to highlight our impact and test our thinking to address the greatest challenges for the future of humanity and the planet.

Do you think you can make waves in 5 minutes?

Before you start planning follow these steps:

1 – READ the guidelines
2 – FOCUS on your message
3 – TELL us a story
4 – THINK abut your content
5 – BE original

The stage will be ‘your oyster’!

Submission are now open and will close on the 9th March.
Click here to submit your brilliant proposals!
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