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Orchestration, Automation and Virtualisation: Find out the state-of-the-art approach and share your experiences in the OAV Community Portal:

With new and advanced applications, cloud services and big data demanding a significant evolution of the underlying network service elements, NRENs and their Network Operation Centres (NOCs) face an up-hill battle to continuously investigate novel approaches in the areas of orchestration, automation and virtualisation. The new challenges in networking demand the constant redesign of existing static services to new, innovative ways of flexible network management and service provisioning.

Have you ever wondered how other NRENs confront these tasks and apply programmatic workflows to ensure scalability and integrity throughout their network? Have you speculated if they allow for the use of network resources in a hardware-agnostic and agile manner? Or maybe you have always questioned why other NRENs are not operating the same systems you have become accustomed to or why they are not yet adopting the network orchestration and automation tools that you have come to rely on?

If this is the case, then our new OAV Community Portal is just for you! To find out more, please visit

  • Learn about the strategy and actions of each NREN related to network and service orchestration, automation and virtualisation
  • Explore if there are common use cases, ideas, needs and issues in the community in the areas of orchestration, automation and virtualisation
  • Recognise possible areas of collaboration both amongst NRENs and between NRENs and GÉANT.

We would also like to invite you to please share with us on our Community Portal your own strategy and actions in the OAV area, including:

  • your approaches to areas such as zero touch provisioning, network management or monitoring
  • how you ensure integrity of network configuration and facilitate problem troubleshooting
  • your application of campus network management and automation software
  • your methodology for virtualisation of network resources and application of network functions
  • the well-established tools and utilities you have come to depend on
  • and please share with us all the other topics and challenges you are working on in the areas of orchestration, automation and virtualisation!


Join us at TNC20

At TNC20 the Network Technologies and Services Development team will be hosting a side meeting from 9:00 to 12:30 on Monday (8th June) at the Hilton Metropole Brighton

This side meeting is an opportunity for TNC participants interested in broader adoption of orchestration, automation and virtualisation (OAV) principles to share their experiences and best practices and to learn about what other members of the community (GÉANT, NRENs and others) are doing in this area.

The session will be led by Maria Isabel Gandia Carriedo and will include reporting on the work done within the GN4-3 project and discussion on a wide variety of topics including architectures, tools, techniques and use cases.


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