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Building resilient networks for innovation in times of crisis: VC4A’s response to COVID-19

As you know, there is a global pandemic underway with COVID-19. In order to combat this virus, we must take immediate action.

VC4A is working to respond to this crisis while supporting members with the virtual services available. Together we can push forward with entrepreneurship support during this time of crisis.

VC4A is operating as a remote organization now, which includes putting a hold on all physical meetings and halting all travel until further notice. The organization asks its team, associates and members to restrict unnecessary movement and follow government instructions for as long as needed.

Committed to supporting networks and innovative solutions

This will undoubtedly be a tough and difficult period for our organization and network, but also for our partners and the industry at large. More importantly, the storm brings major headwinds to VC4A entrepreneurs and their ventures – representing thousands of important initiatives working to bring high-growth high-impact solutions to society. In this time of crisis, we must do our part to support entrepreneurs to innovate and scale their industry-changing products and services.

The scope and magnitude of COVID-19 are immense and still scaling rapidly in its reach. There is no other response but to build aggressively on our virtual infrastructures. On the side of VC4A, we are actively working to reformat our offline programming and have brainstormed possibilities for a virtual investor summit, for example. But beyond trying to shift industry activity, to find other ways of keeping channels of support open, there could be greater challenges on the horizon. As an organization and network, we are committing ourselves to take on this challenge by maintaining our focus on supporting the combined networks across the industry in order to provide a resilient resource base we can all depend on for answers and solutions.

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