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Trusted Certificate Service and Business Continuity

The impact of COVID-19 affecting business continuity globally.  For GÉANT’s Trusted Certificate Service (TCS), this time of disruption has coincided with a change in provider for the service and we are working hard with our new partner – Sectigo – to minimise disruption.

As with many systems and processes at this time, there may be some small delays in the ability to issue certificates due to staff home-working and other challenges to business operations.  In order to keep these to a minimum, we’d last to ask for your help in support in the following areas:

  1.  Ask your institutions to review their current certificates and domains and ensure that they plan early for any new certificates or domain and organisation validation.
  2. Consider potential challenges with organisation validation due to campuses being shut: do you need to divert phone numbers?  Update business information? Add reachable phone numbers to your directory?
  3. Ensure that institutions are aware of the hand-over date (1st May 2020) for service provision.
  4. Look to provide online training for your organisations.  Many NRENs have already put in place trainings – please do reach out to us if you need help with materials or platforms to support training (e.g. video-conference rooms).

All NRENs have been provided with an on-boarding session with Sectigo and access to Sectigo premier support. Guides for the Sectigo Certificate Manager and an FAQ on the new TCS are available on the GÉANT wiki.

The GÉANT Trusted Certificate Service is open to all GÉANT member NRENs and offers NRENs unlimited access to the following certificates types:

  • Server certificates (including eScience certificates);
  • Client / personal certificates (including eScience Certificates);
  • Code Signing certificates;
  • Extended Validation Code Signing certificates;
  • Document signing certificates.

If you would like to find out if the service is available to you NREN please see the TCS participants page. If you have any questions about TCS please contact us.

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