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A special webinar to support the Arts and Humanities communities across two continents

Internet2 and GÉANT have been partnering for years on Network Performing Arts Production Workshops (NPAPW), organising and hosting yearly conventions in the US and Europe built around the growing collective of art educators, academics and performers. NPAPW gathers a quite large distributed community, mostly based in Europe and North America, but with an increasing representation in Asia/Pacific and Latin America.

The COVID-19 emergency created a sudden shift to online teaching, performing, and student support for many schools, theatres, and art academies around the world. In the spirit of assisting each other in this unprecedented time in our world, the NPAPW community organised a webinar aimed at providing advice and general best practices for teaching performing arts online.

On Thursday 2 April 2020, more than 140 teachers, music performers, researchers and students joined the “Online Teaching Practices” interactive webinar.

The event included a quick overview of available technologies for online teaching practices, an appraisal of tools and experiences to support remote students, followed by more in-depth advice for those teaching online performing arts. Some of the contributions focused on how to adapt teaching and assessment for distance learning in the arts and humanities, others on more advanced tools available within GÉANT and Internet2 or on how to customise and adapt commercial videoconferencing systems and software for music teaching.

The webinar was recorded and available here: a resource for those unable to join live. 


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For questions to the NPAPW GÉANT and Internet2 experts contact:




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