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The virtual SIG-ISM/WISE trilogy

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, at some stage most of us must have been looking for a way to deal with all the face-to-face meetings scheduled in 2020. Should we cancel them or move them online? And when opting for the latter, how long can we expect people to stay focussed and alert?

The annual joint SIG-ISM/WISE meeting was supposed to happen in London and last 3 full days, but given the circumstances, it was decided to organise it online, 2 hours each day. And it worked really well! The shorter sessions required more planning and preparation, but a larger number of people was able to join, also from South Africa and the USA.

The first day was spent on all-things-WISE (, discussing issues related to Security for Collaborating Infrastructures (SCI), such as maturity assessment, security policy and SLATE (Services Layer at the Edge –, and a presentation on the Security Communications Challenge Coordination. For a full agenda and slides click here.

Crisis management session take-aways

The second day’s agenda featured a crisis management exercise, but the training organised by Charlie van Genuchten (SURFnet), CLAW workshops’ mastermind, requires that participants share the physical space. However, we decided to keep the currently very relevant crisis theme of the day and discuss on how our organisations are dealing with COVID19-related challenges. The discussion was very vibrant and, as expected, most of the 40 plus participants had something to share.

The third and last day of the joint meeting included updates on the Security Baseline, Business Continuity Recommendations and a discussion on NREN risks and threats.

SIG-ISM meeting agenda and slides are available here

If you are interested in the topics discussed at WISE or SIG-ISM and would like to join future meetings, here’s what you need to do:

– Join WISE mailing list:

– Visit the SIG -ISM wiki page to learn more about this group and how to get involved.


The next joint SIG-ISM / WISE is planned to take place in London on 19-20 October.

The steering committees will review the decision to confirm the face-to-face (F2F) meeting in the beginning of August. Should the F2F meeting go ahead, we will open registrations and inform the community.

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