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#missingTNC – what are you missing?

Friday, 5 June 2020 – it seems that I have forgotten something? Where did May go? What is a weekend? Is time still flying? When did I last look into your eyes?

No travel this weekend for me. No tram, no train, no flight to London. No train to Brighton. No road2TNC social media posts. No check-in at the hotel, looking around to see if I already see somebody, know somebody. #missingTNC
At least it is raining.

And on Monday 8 June, no sessions, no eduroam control room, no Steffie and Jessie in their fastest shoes. Where is Anna and her GÉANT booth? No PSNC opening show; I wonder what it would have been – the TNC vessel coming to shore in Brighton – certainly not GoT themed this year? No Damian, Bartek, Eric. No trucks, no cables, no boxes, no cameras, no endless nights setting up. Also no pizza.

No smiles, no happiness hugging Heather and Maria-José. No Ann, standing next to me. Brian, Anna, Rob, Nancy. No Omo this year, Boubakar, Tiwonge. No short nights, I will be well-rested this week. No hasty breakfasts, rushing to sessions, no coffee-breaks, no smiles all-around, no looking around being happy, seeing happy people meeting, people hugging, people discussing, people – my people. No socials, late nights, walking through the streets, feeling complete, being a part of something bigger. Something I am proud of.

So weird. No TNC.

I wonder what or who you’re missing? Why not reach out and tell me: #missingTNC

And I hope to see you at Thursday’s online Community Awards celebration!

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