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Setting up the EOSC Association together

When I last wrote about EOSC developments at the end of June, I reported that the EOSC Drafting Group had finalized their work on the Statutes for the EOSC Association and that these would go for endorsement to the EOSC Governance Board. I also reported that the EOSC Executive Board had nominated CESAER and GÉANT as the two founding members from the EB side charged with the setting up of the EOSC Association.

The Statutes were endorsed with a change in the geographic remit of the EOSC Association membership and the GB duly nominated their two founding members: CSIC from Spain and ICDI from Italy, so that we have four now: CESAERGÉANTCSIC and ICDI. And even though it is summertime, work on the EOSC Association is going ahead according to schedule. We have had our first two meetings as a group of the four founding members over the last couple of weeks. Here’s where we are standing now:

  • The paperwork to incorporate the EOSC Association as an AISBL in Belgium is scheduled to be lodged with the notary on Wednesday 29 July in Brussels. For this the four organisations have been getting the documentation in order and have arranged to either be present in Brussels on the day of signature, or be represented with Power of Attorney
  • Over 80 organisations have by now expressed an interest becoming a member in the EOSC Association, via the webform which is available here. The four founding members have gone through this list and all organisations which fit within the boundaries of the Statutes will receive a letter after the incorporation of the EOSC Association requesting a formal letter from the legal representative of the organisation/entity stating the willingness to become member (or observer) of the EOSC Association and the acceptance of the Statutes of EOSC
  • All the organisations/entities will also be requested to prepare the nomination of their representatives in the General Assembly which is planned to meet for the first time during September 2020
  • In line with the views of the EOSC GB, not-for-profit organisations/entities will also be invited to contribute to the drafting of the bylaws. A separate letter/email will be posted and organisations/entities will be asked to volunteer one person with the experience and background needed in the drafting of bylaws. We are looking to build up a group of about 15 knowledgeable and experienced people to progress the work on bylaws between now and September. The aim is to progress the bylaws to the extent that the first General Assembly can be held in September and applicant members can be accepted. The first EOSC Board and President can be elected at a subsequent General Assembly in December 2020 once the Association membership has been widened.

So, as you can see, bit by bit and step by step, we are making the transition from the current EOSC governance to the new one and the EOSC Association is becoming a reality – the next big step is of course the visit to the notary next week – I will come back then with a post and let you know how it all went.

In the meantime, don’t forget that on Tuesday 28 July, my colleagues Sarah Jones and Karel Luyben will run a webinar on the EOSC Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda consultation – make sure to attend – we need to hear your voice in the consultation! Thanks!

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