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IUCC migrates International Links to Tamares Telecom

With little fanfare and minimal downtime, IUCC completed the migration of two circuits of 3x10Gb/sec links (one to London and one to Frankfurt) on August 3, 2020 to Tamares Telecom.

Tamares Telecom was recently awarded the contract in the latest GÉANT tender. As a GÉANT member, and as part of the tender agreement, IUCC had to ensure that undersea cable connectivity provide two paths via different cable systems. This ensures that Israel’s National Research & Education Network, operated by IUCC, can meet volatile capacity demands, and with the GÉANT network behind it, deliver essential connectivity for academic research.

Read the full article on the IUCC website: https:///en/tamares-telecom-migration/

Submitted by AUDREY GERBER

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