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Telemedicine group in Chile launches free Covid-19 risk assessment platform

With the aim of “decongesting” the health centers in its region and providing professional guidance to the community, the University of Concepción, in Chile, through its Faculty of Medicine and its Telemedicine Unit, launched the website

The portal offers a free “Covid-19 risk assessment” form, in which the user is asked if he or she has had contact with a person with probable or confirmed Covid-19, if has symptoms and if belongs to any of the risk groups (chronic diseases, the elderly, cancer or respiratory diseases).

Depending on the information provided, the website will make a series of recommendations. If the patient registers suspicious contact, manifests symptoms and is part of any risk group, the platform will schedule a teleconsultation with a medical professional, through PLAZA, the video conference platform of the advanced Chilean network, REUNA.

Submitted by Jane Gifford

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